– 2014 –

Welcome to kijisan — a mountain farm restoration project on 2.2 acres in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

  • Location: Ogawa-mura, North Shinshu
  • Elevation: 3,000 feet (900 meters)
  • Size: 2,690 tsubo, or 8,895㎡, or 95,832 sq ft, or .90 hectare, or 89 are, or 2.2 acres
  • Make: Forest, field and rice paddy
  • Specs: 160 year old fixer-upper kominka, south-facing, at the top of the watershed, well insulated

Who hasn’t thought about restoring a Japanese mountain farm? Japan is full of small dying hamlets that are loaded with perfectly good infrastructure and inexpensive homes on old agriculture lots. While the social structures of these hamlets are fading, they have small commercial centers, water systems, and are surrounded by forest reserves, or commons. They are walkable, bikeable, quiet and usually human scaled. To my mind they are the model to emulate, and ought not be abandoned.

Half of hamlet - May, 2014

Half of Hamlet – May, 2014

I know next to nothing about kominka restoration and only a little about mountain land stewardship, and so this website is to help me take on both these ventures. I am blogging about the kominka and the land on two separate pages: the kominka and the land, and those links go to them. Eventually both will be merged to make a farm. Some frequently asked questions are on my FAQ page, and here’s my donation page if there is anyone out there who wants to help and be a part of this restoration project.

Kijisan storehouse - June, 2013

Kijisan storehouse – June, 2014

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